Terms & Conditions

1.AMLC will be given only at the address which is mentioned in the application

2.Standby will not be arranged for the products during the period of the AMLC

3.The machine will be brought to our lab for rectifications whenever felt necessary

4.The customer shall not directly or indirectly open the equipment which will void the agreement

5.AMLC is for the components mentioned during the start of the contract; new components added will attract separate charges

6.Equipment Maintenance charges will not include removable storage devices, printer ribbons, Battery, printer head etc., such items replaced are charged at actual

7.E-Logix shall not be responsible for any problems arising out of physical environment of the system or any mishandling of your PC

8.Damages due to power failure or software problems or any data loss will not be covered in the contract

9.E-Logix shall not be responsible for damages due to fire, thefts or other exceptional circumstances

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We recommends you to use only licensed / Open source softwares .